Renaissance Labs
Owning the $ART token is akin to exposure to an index of NFT collections converted into productive fee generating assets.

The Renaissance in NFT and Defi

We are creating liquidity and utility in the decentralized NFT market.
Renaissance Lab's mission is to create and own fractionalized liquidity for NFTs on the NEAR/Aurora ecosystem. We do this by using bonding mechanisms and protocol owned liquidity to bootstrap our treasury coupled with our proprietary fractionalization mechanism.
Rebasing token mechanics are used to bootstrap the treasury initially to fund the developement of fractionalized NFT pools and marketplace. The fractionalized NFT (fNFT) token amounts will be fixed whereas ART will be the rebase tokens initially. As treasury accumulates more NFTs, users are effectively taking them off the centralized secondary market. The NFTs will be fractionalized to be traded on the DEX. Holders of fNFTs will be rewarded with additional APY boosts from the $ART staking mechanism. The positive feedbackloop creates a more decentralized and liquid NFT market and allows for natural growth of the treasury.
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The Renaissance in NFT and Defi